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Current vacancies available in Denmark. | Aktuelle ledige stillinger i Danmark.

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Project Overview

The client was experiencing scaling and fouling in the produced water circuit of the cooler tube bundles. This increases the pressure drop and insulates the heat transfer surface, thus preventing efficient heat transfer of the crude oil.
A solution was required to remove the calcium scale build up in the safest, most cost effective manner to restore the efficient heat transfer.


Confidential UK client


Heat exchanger scale removal


Platform NNS



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The challenge

A production train was isolated to allow the cooler bundle tubes cleaning process to be undertaken. The shutdown TAR period was scheduled for three days. The Altrad XLTC lightweight positioner was mounted to the heat exchanger tube bundles which has pneumatic powered horizontal and vertical drives. The Altrad XTLC is an automated system for hands-free heat exchanger tube cleaning applications. It was designed to reliably control a pair of flex lances for cleaning exchanger tube IDs with an emphasis on portability, ease of setup, and safety. Paired with UHP rotary tube cleaning nozzles and a lightweight positioner, the XTLC is safe and efficient for tube cleaning in the harshest exchanger environments.

The solution

The Altrad XTLC equipment is a pneumatically driven dual tube cleaning tool with working pressures up to 36,500 psi. Using this equipment removes the operator from the line of fire and reduces the number of cleaning operatives from 3 down to 2 personnel.
The tool is remote driven and can either be mounted directly to the tube sheet or by simple design scaffold adjacent to the bundle face.
All cleaning was carried out using a potable water supply of 36 lpm fed from a zone 2 diesel driven pump.
This equipment was recently used in previous two offshore shutdown campaigns cleaning a total of five cooler bundles.

The benefits

  • Work competed in two shifts
  • Lightweight & modular for single operator use
  • Independent forward/reverse speed control from 0.2-3.0 ft/sec
  • Quick-swap rollers accommodate flex lances from 3/2–6/4
  • Components withstand corrosive environments
  • Expandable positioning system for quick, precise indexing
  • Consistent cleaning in both directions produces better results in less time
  • Operates all features from outside the blast zone for safety and better line of sight

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