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Two weeks ahead of schedule, the first of the SIXEP Continuity Plant’s two gantry cranes has been installed at Sellafield in Cumbria, England

This is a major milestone and illustrates some of the extraordinary work that has been carried out by the SCP team, led by Altrad Babcock’s John Hall and Stefan Dipper.

The SIXEP Continuity Plant (SCP), one of the flagship projects being delivered by the Programme and Project Partners (PPP) at Sellafield, it is a vital major project which will clean effluent from site facilities.

The three parts of a new lower operating floor (LOF) crane, which weigh 34 tonnes, were carefully lowered into the SIXEP Continuity Plant (SCP) through a temporary hole in the roof, two weeks ahead of schedule.

Care was needed to get it right, with the gap to get the crane into the building only millimetres bigger than the parts themselves.

Martin Kerr, SCP Project Manager said: “Witnessing the LOF crane being installed at SCP is a source of great pride and joy for me. It took a lot of effort, commitment, and tenacity to get us there. As with any project, there have been challenges to overcome and the team’s dedication to working together has been admirable. The crane’s journey from Zaragoza in Spain to Sheffield and then to the Sellafield Site is a huge milestone for the project. I want to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone involved.”

Now the crane is inside, work can start on weatherproofing the process building – this activity is linked to the project hitting its next major milestone. The crane will be a vital part of the work SCP will do as the ‘kidneys’ of the site, helping clean effluent from site facilities before it is safely pumped out to sea.

Barry Tuzio, CE&I Responsible Engineer for the SCP crane and SL Lifting SME, added: “This is the conclusion of around 15 years effort within Sellafield to develop a standard crane design, and not only will it benefit SCP, but also future projects. It has been my privilege to involved throughout the period. This achievement is a testament to our team’s resilience in overcoming many challenges.

The LOF crane is the first of two to be installed that have been manufactured in Spain. The second and larger crane will be installed in the upper operating floor (UOF) in January 2025. Last year, the project team had to overcome a number of risks and challenges, including the flooding of the supplier’s warehouse in Zaragoza, to ensure the good’s safe arrival.

In addition to being pivotal pieces of equipment for SCP’s operations once the facility is commissioned, the new cranes will also help with the continued construction inside the facility, installing large structural items, such as concrete beams for the floor construction, large plant items, and pump and valve modules.

Once operational, SCP will ensure the Sellafield Ltd site’s existing Site Ion Exchange Effluent Plant (SIXEP) facility, which has been operational since 1985, can continue its vital work for decades to come.

John Bann, Head of Lot Partner Altrad Babcock, said: “We are delighted that the delivery of the SIXEP Continuity Plant is progressing well, despite some of the challenging circumstances. It shows how well Altrad collaborates with all stakeholders to achieve a solution and very positive result. It demonstrates resilience within the team members who proactively met the challenges head-on and worked tirelessly to achieve the end result.”

Paudie Somers, Altrad’s Executive Vice President of Operations, added: “This shows what Altrad brings to the partnership – true collaboration and perseverance, showing we can be relied upon to get the job done.

Great work from all involved to reach this milestone!

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