World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day. With that in mind it is important to remember with all that 2020 has thrown at us we remain in a declared climate emergency.

But it is similarly important to remember that Altrad Services is an inherently green company – our core activities are dedicated to preserving and extending the lifespan of our client’s assets. Corrosion protection, thermal insulation, cleaning and the access required to complete those tasks and routine servicing all help critical infrastructure to run efficiently, in a more sustainable way. Maintaining is always preferable to replacing!

Our scaffolding activities are centred on a reuse and repair philosophy. Material is put up, taken down and reused time after time. If it becomes damaged, we repair. Boards and tubes are cut down and when material reaches the end of its working life the vast majority is recycled. Imagine the timber and metal ore that would be required if scaffolding was single use! Our timber purchasing policy commits us to prioritising material sustainably sourced – this gives us an excellent life cycle approach.

We continue to be certified to international environmental and energy management standards (ISO14001 and 50001) which have continual improvement at their heart. This can be evidenced by the tremendous work being done by individuals and departments throughout our organization from the Business Services team sourcing 100% renewable energy for our facilities, to the fleet departments trialling of electric vehicles and the ‘Million Miles’ challenge to individuals such as our energy champions. Protecting the environment is progressively being seen as something we all do and can get involved with rather than something that is ‘done’ for us.

Going forward our clients will increasingly require us to be ‘green’ so being a sustainable organisation is not only ethical but will become business critical.

UK Environment Manager Richard Thomas said “I am proud to work for this organisation and am constantly buoyed by the wonderful individuals we have working here that care about the environment and moving to a more sustainable future. It is truly inspiring.”

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