Terry receives recognition with Good Better How win

Terry receives recognition with Good Better How win

Terry Holmes works as a Mechanical Fitter for Altrad at Teesside Terminal in Seal Sands, Middlesborough for our client ConocoPhillips and is the latest recipient of a Good Better How award.

Terry was working on the chemical injection line and whilst fitting a blind he heard a loud and unusual banging noise coming from somewhere nearby. Upon investigation he discovered the noise was coming from a nearby Fin Fan (pictured below).

He immediately notified the stabilisation control room and an operator was sent out to investigate the noise with Terry, where they discovered the belt had come off the drive and was banging against the guards. Upon closer inspection they noticed that the shaft was turning but the blades were not, meaning that the shaft had possibly sheared.

The operator was able turn off the equipment, he isolated the motor, a hazard recognition notification was then raised in order for a inspection and repair to be undertaken on the unit.

The client praised Terry for his actions, which potentially prevented the incident escalating. A few years earlier on a different Fin Fan, a blade sheared off and caused a considerable amount of equipment damage.