Oil, Liquid and Gas Tank Cleaning

Oil, Liquid and Gas Tank Cleaning

Altrad provides leading innovative industrial cleaning and decontamination services for tanks to some of the world’s largest multinational oil and gas companies.

The key to our success lies in having the most advanced technology and a team of highly-qualified and dedicated people with the right skills, training and a commitment to deliver for our customers. Our emphasis on safety and innovation, including Non-Man Entry Techniques, allows us to provide pioneering work techniques.

Removing product, by-product, scale or corrosion helps achieve maximised capacity, increased throughput, enhanced product quality and improved production levels, therefore offering greater cost-effectiveness. We bring unrivalled experience and expertise in tank cleaning as our highly-skilled teams can deliver either manual or automated cleaning capabilities as appropriate for a customer’s specific project needs.

Manual process’ have incorporated the use of man-way cannons to circulate and fluidise tank sludge so that it can be pumped to the Cape Membrane Filter Press to reduces the effluent volume to be taken offsite for disposal. The Cape Membrane Filter Press separates oil from solids and has a solvent backwash system so that any residual oil content can be further reduced to meet non-hazardous landfill specifications, reducing costs for our customers.

For lighter hydrocarbon containing tanks like Kerosene or Diesel, we use spinning chemical or high-pressure water tank cleaning heads. After gas freeing the tank, we would then enter the tank for final steam clean and inspection to achieve traditional hot work standards.

Enclosed 2-D and 3-D non-man entry tank cleaning systems enable greater flows and operating pressures to be brought to bear on tank deposits, resulting in superior cleaning results and lower safety risk. These remote high-pressure water jetting cleaning systems enable our customers to quickly plan for more extensive cleaning, reducing plant downtime significantly.