Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Altrad’s thermal insulation service offering helps our customers improve or maintain their plant efficiencies, which in turn should deliver cost savings.

Our experienced teams work alongside our customers to deliver an innovative and bespoke service and are equally comfortable delivering an end-to-end project, including identifying areas that require thermal insulation and then designing, sourcing and installing the optimum insulation solution or any one of these component services independently. We work across a wide range of environments – from extreme offshore locations to onshore industrial units. We are driven to deliver value for our customers through our focus on safety and operational excellence.

We are expert at applying appropriate Personnel Protection (PP) where a risk of burn injury or shock to personnel if an individual came into contact with hot or cold surfaces, has been identified by our customers.

Applying mesh guards where there is no need for thermal insulation also allows clear sight of process piping and equipment and mitigates the potential for corrosion under insulation.

Our capabilities include:

  • Design services, heat loss analysis, unbiased advice on the most fitting insulation systems to use
  • Infrared thermography to represent our surveys in a pictorial manner
  • Fabrication and installation of a vast array of cladding materials to suit the local environment
  • Energy Audits (TIPCHECK) for the evaluation of savings and calculation of payback times.
  • Work closely with our customers on FEED, EPC and Asset Integrity and Maintenance Management Projects

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