Cryogenic insulation

Cryogenic insulation

Altrad, as with all other aspects of insulation, remains a customer favourite when it comes to the design and construction of cryogenic insulation systems.

Cryogenic insulation systems can be significantly more demanding on the skillsets of the insulation engineer, which is why Altrad ensures people engaged in this type of work are extensively trained and work in experienced teams to deliver operational excellence for our customers. Our extensive experience, including the provision of a range of cryogenic insulation services to more than half of all Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export terminal construction projects worldwide since 1990, means we can help our customers choose the most appropriate insulation solution for their needs, including, for example, applying the correct insulation materials and planning and installing the use of strategically placed robust vapour barriers and vapour stops.

Our capabilities

  • Design services, unbiased advice on the most fitting insulation systems to use
  • Fabrication and installation of a vast array of cladding materials to suit the local environment
  • Work closely with our customers on FEED, EPC and Asset Integrity and Maintenance Management Projects

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