Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trucks

Altrad Services offers comprehensive high air flow vacuum services for onshore and offshore operations on critical path shutdowns and day-to-day cleaning operation in the oil, gas and heavy industry markets. We have a large, skilled workforce, experienced at managing tasks effectively and efficiently using the best equipment and techniques in the industry.

Online de-sanding

Syphonvac operates as a safe and cost-neutral system for removing sands and sludge from production vessels, crucially it doesn’t interrupt valuable crude oil production, enhancing revenues and profitability.  It also reduces sand carry over to process systems. Syphonvac is compact and can be moved between discharge points to access sand build-ups without disrupting production, eliminating the risk associated with traditional man-entry to confined spaces techniques. Syphonvac V can be attached to small gas condensate vessels with nozzle sizes of 2 inch.

Typically, we use Syphonvac to remove sand while the vessel is in full production, cutting deferral costs and reducing the cleaning operation of a critical path shutdown. 

Offline vessel cleaning

Sludgevac offers rapid degassing of vessels, and can remove all solids and liquids in less time than it takes to prepare vessels for man entry cleaning – transferring up to 10 tonnes an hour. The considerable time-savings can either increase the amount of work possible during a shutdown, or can reduce the shutdown times significantly.

High-powered air flow vacuum suction

We operate a large fleet of HGV-mounted high air flow vacuum units which can suck or blow hazardous or non-hazardous materials from vessels, silos, sumps and tanks. We can also offer differently sized portable vacuum units; static 150HP suction units ideal for power stations, down to the MiniVac, trolley or drum mounted units, all complete with experienced operators.

Vacuum tankering

We have wide-ranging experience in transporting all classifications of waste for efficient and safe disposal, recycling or re-use. We operate a significant fleet of specialist vehicles ranging from 2,000 gallon to 6,000 gallon units.

Combi-jetting and suction

Our large fleet of combi-jetting systems utilises the latest jetting and suction technology to manage any problem from drain clearance up to pipelines four metres in diameter and 1,500 metres long.

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