Offshore Specialised Cleaning

Offshore Specialised Cleaning

Altrad Services emphasis on finding new ways to solve cleaning and decontamination problems is nowhere more apparent than in our work to enhance safety through technology – often by using sophisticated ‘non-man entry’ techniques.

Altrad’s chemical technologies separate contaminants from solids and water to reduce, and in some cases eliminate entirely, third-party waste disposal charges cost effectively.

 Our capabilities

  • Production separators – online sand removal; accelerated venting and offline cleaning
  • Turnkey shutdown services – mechanical and fngineering
  • High pressure and ultra high pressure water jetting
  • Process pipe de-scaling – online and offline
  • Precision cold cutting – decommissioning and deconstruction
  • Internal caisson cleaning and ultrasonic non-destructive testing
  • Tank and vessel cleaning – non-intrusive
  • Heat Eexchanger cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning and decontamination
  • Composite pipe repair and relining

Additional services

  • Hot water high pressure jetting
  • Drain cleaning and HD CCTV surveys
  • Contaminated material separation (NORM / LSA)
  • Thermography (scale depth appraisal)
  • Surface preparation (controlled induction heating)
  • Catalyst and molecular sieve removal

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