HP Water Jetting

HP Water Jetting

At Altrad Environmental Services, we harness waters versatility as a medium for cutting, cleaning and surface preparation.

Cleaning and surface preparation

Water jetting is ideally suited to general deposit removal and removing coatings and preparing surfaces. When preparing surfaces for inspection or new coatings, water jetting offers many advantages over traditional shot and grit blasting (such as no secondary damage, contamination or profiling), and is quicker, safer, cleaner and more flexible.

Our capabilities:

  • Non-man entry tank and vessel cleaning using 2D and 3D cleaning heads
  • Automated and Semi-automated heat exchanger tube internal cleaning
  • Automated heat exchanger external blasting
  • Automated pipe “Aquadrill” descaling system, using Rotofan equipment
  • “Hot Box” high flow high pressure jetting system, compatible with 3D cleaning heads
  • Jetting pumps capable of 1000bar @ 250 litres per minute flow rate, enabling remote applications
  • Suite of ancillary equipment such as Torus XL tank head, Lance Table, Aquadrill, Bundle Blaster, Freelance
  • Able to deliver significant total job cost reduction by reducing time, engineering and access

Caisson cleaning and inspection

Altrad Environmental Services recently unveiled the new ‘Torpedo’ unit, an environmentally safe internal caisson cleaning system capable of operating below sea level to remove all scale and marine growth from the caisson back to deck level for disposal. This prevents debris from dropping to the seabed creating environmental contamination, or being sucked into the lift pumps on adjacent caissons.

Following the cleaning process, we provide continuous Ultrasonic Testing inspection (a useful and versatile non-destructive testing method) through the dry and wet sections of the caisson. 

Product tanks and pressure vessels

Removing product, by-product, scale or corrosion helps achieve maximised capacity, increased throughput, enhanced product quality and improved production levels, therefore offering greater cost effectiveness. We bring unrivalled experience and expertise in tank and vessel cleaning as our highly-skilled teams can deliver either manual or automated cleaning capabilities as appropriate for a customer’s specific project needs.

Manual process’ have incorporated the use of manway cannons to circulate and fluidise tank sludge so that it can be pumped to the Altrad Services Membrane Filter Press to reduces the effluent volume to be taken offsite for disposal. The Altrad Services Membrane Filter Press separates oil from solids and has a solvent back wash system so that any residual oil content can be further reduced to meet non-hazardous landfill specifications, reducing costs for our customers.

For lighter hydrocarbon containing tanks like Kerosene or Diesel, we use spinning chemical or high-pressure water tank cleaning heads. After gas freeing the tank, we would then enter the tank for final steam clean and inspection to achieve traditional hot work standards.

Enclosed 2-D and 3-D non-man entry tank cleaning systems enable greater flows and operating pressures to be brought to bear on tank deposits, resulting in superior cleaning results and lower safety risk. These remote high-pressure water jetting cleaning systems enable our customers to quickly plan for more extensive cleaning, reducing plant downtime significantly.

At Sullom Voe in the UK, we work with the automated Buchen Tank Cleaning System (BTS), which cleans both floating and fixed tanks without the use of chemicals, in a short space of time. The BTS process minimises tank residues and waste disposal costs and results in high recovery rates for the crude inventory stored in the tank – returning saleable product to our customer. The complete BTS tank cleaning system is modular and can be installed in road and sea containers for quick transportation and deployment. The system affords high levels of safety for personnel, and is environmentally engineered to minimise hydrocarbon emissions. 

Process pipe work

A comprehensive range of high pressure water jetting services provide remedial and preventative cleaning of process pipe-work to maximise life expectancy and performance. Services include Aquadril, which cleans up to 300m from a single access point with no need to dismantle bends or vertical sections. It is safe for operators, suitable for all diameters and materials, and can completely contain hazardous materials. Altrad’s Supergun system is suitable for non-production pipework cleaning and descaling online.

Heat exchangers

We can descale heat exchangers and associated pipework, and remove fouling to regain full operational efficiency. We are highly experienced in cleaning all components, which can help reduce the frequency of cleaning, minimise downtime and maximise plant production.

  • Freelance: a flexible lance or twin lances, safe for the operator, and semi-automated to reduce operator fatigue
  • Aqualance: more powerful than Freelance, with a rigid lance ideal for hard or bad blockages, and no direct operator contact with lance
  • Bundle Blaster: a fully-automated tube-side cleaning system.

When preparing surfaces for inspection or new coatings, water jetting offers many advantages over traditional shot and grit blasting (such as no secondary damage, contamination or profiling), and is quicker, safer, cleaner and more flexible” into the first section, Cleaning and surface preparation.

Cold Cutting

Altrad Services own and operate an extensive fleet of jetting units and compatible specialist accessories covering all aspects of high pressure (HP) and ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting, combining high-pressure water with abrasive garnet to create a powerful tool for the cold cutting of steel, concrete and other composite materials.

Being able to provide and apply the solution to many different applications only comes through investment in the right equipment and experience gained in undertaking such works in many different situations, for many different activities.

Cold cutting operations are vital in industry today, with benefits including:

  • Removing risks associated with hot work activities in and around live working plant
  • Preservation of inherent metallic structures by not creating a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ)
  • Reduced material loss through improved cut widths and tolerances.

Our capabilities

  • Fully self-contained containerised HPWJ units with cold cutting ancillaries
  • Multiple orientation cutting (varied radius surfaces, small through to large)
  • ‘Scorpion’ magnetic track system for magnetic applications
  • ‘Blast Track’ manually fixed track system for non-magnetic applications
  • Pipe cutting rings to ensure accurate circumferential cuts
  • Ballistic ceramic plates (Used to protect surrounding process plant during smaller cuts)
  • Innovative stainless steel chain mail protective shrouds available
  • Abrasive ‘garnet’ is environmentally friendly
  • Containerised and mounted equipment is designed and certified to operate in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas

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