Surface Preparation and Recoating

Surface Preparation and Recoating

Altrad Services provides specialist coating services in the maintenance and capital project environment to prevent corrosion of bare exposed surfaces or prepare piping and equipment that is to be insulated and clad.

Our extensive experience in a variety of industrial environments, from shipyards to LNG plants, oil refineries, blast furnaces and offshore production platforms, across a broad spectrum of markets, including oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical, nuclear and defence, means that we have the understanding and expertise to provide our customers with long-lasting, cost-effective and safe solutions to any surface preparation and coating project.

We harness waters versatility as a medium for cleaning and surface preparation. Water jetting is ideally suited to general deposit removal and removing coatings and preparing surfaces, offering many advantages over traditional shot and grit blasting (such as no secondary damage, contamination or profiling), and is quicker, safer, cleaner and more flexible.

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