Composite Repairs

Composite Repairs

Altrad Services provides a cost-effective composite repair solution for ageing onshore and offshore assets, principally piping, pipeline, plant and equipment that are affected by corrosion.

This technology helps avoid section and equipment replacement and hot work permits, therefore costly shutdowns of plant are avoided, saving significant cost and extending the asset’s life.

For pipework including airlines, fire-water mains, external caisson repairs and many more, composite repairs give the following advantages:

  • Pipework repaired in accordance with ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2
  • No Hot work required
  • Only damaged areas required to be repaired
  • Speedy repair compared to pipe replacement
  • Lightweight repair
  • Use of readily available and transported material.

For structural steelwork including deck panels, structural sections, handrails, composites offer:

  • Lightweight repair with full load-carrying capabilities
  • No hot work required
  • Bonding of loose steelwork in addition to replacement where required
  • Quick repair
  • Readily transported material, by helicopter if required.

Our capabilities

  • Deck Repair Systems
    • Arrests corrosion
    • Fire retardant
    • Displaces water
    • Prevents CUI
  • High temperature and chemical resistant composite repair
  • Wrap Repair Supplements
    • To enable composite repair to be applied with preparation less than SA2½, we utilize an epoxy based resin with excellent adhesion properties
  • Carbon Fibre Roof Repair System / Abrasion Resistant Coatings

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