Tensioned Netting

Tensioned Netting

Our Tensioned Netting Systems and Suspended Decking systems are installed by our specifically trained rope access technicians and provide a safe and efficient method of access, eliminating the requirement for conventional scaffolding which in turn means lower costs and quicker installation and removal.

Both work positioning systems can be modified according to their application and the work to be carried out and as such are suitable for many work areas including the under deck of jetties, rigs, bridges and pipe racks. Each system, therefore, is designed independently depending on the location and task requirements and are engineered to take full consideration of both the structure from which the systems will be supported and the loading placed upon the system during operation.

System benefits:

  • Minimised installation time and cost: the system is easily manoeuvrable and fast to rig, reducing installation time and costs when compared to scaffolding;
  • The systems are lightweight meaning that structures with load limits can usually take the weight of a system;
  • The systems can be installed with full containment for works over water;
  • Include fall protection and dropped object protection;
  • Can be designed to fit most structures;
  • Significantly reduced wind loadings; and
  • Significantly reduces transportation and storage issues.

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