New Project Delivery Lead appointed on Hinkley Point C

New Project Delivery Lead appointed on Hinkley Point C

As the early recruitment plans are being put into place at Hinkley Point C, we sat down with newly-appointed HPC Project Delivery Lead, Mick Craik, to understand more about this flagship project.

Mick has many years of experience in successfully delivering performance-based multi-trade service contracts across the UK and Ireland. Knowing how important this contract is to Altrad, it was an easy decision for Mick to make when offered the opportunity to contribute to the success of the most prestigious and largest financial construction project in Europe.

As part of Mick’s first 100 days in the role, he’ll be meeting the current site team to make sure everyone is aware of and focused on achieving Altrad’s strategic ambition to:

  • Become the undisputed leader in multi-services
  • Remain our customers’ essential partner
  • Provide them with a complete and integrated offer which guarantees even greater safety, simplicity and reliability
  • Enable them to successfully meet the challenges on this critically important and sensitive construction project.

Where there is a need to work at height on site, Mick will be showcasing Altrad’s innovative methodologies that have a proven track record of safety.

As with any project, there will be challenges to overcome along the way. We asked Mick what challenges he expected to face and how he’d aim to overcome them.

“I’ll be making sure that all key stakeholders on this project are aware of the Altrad Brand, and the underlying principles of our strategic ambition. How we differentiate ourselves from the competition in the delivery of responsive, cost-effective, industry-leading services.

“Getting all key stakeholders to make the right decision on the most effective working at height solutions available and the other services we have within our broad range of capability. In each case we plan to campaign all key stakeholders to raise the Altrad Brand using all media channels available and personal representations.”

With any project, you can outline what areas will be key in making it a success. In this case, Mick sees educating key stakeholders on the possibilities of the Futuro System and its benefits over competitor systems. Managing the access materials effectively to allow efficient stock utilisation and minimised congestion to this busy and intensive activity site. During the contract, various site demonstrations, roadshows and pop up lunches are planned to show the portfolio of services that we can offer at Altrad services.

Mick said:

“Working for a company like Altrad, we have a significant edge on our competition in that we have a track record of delivering value through performance management and our innovative approaches in the delivery of essential construction services. We have original equipment manufacturer products which are widely available within short distances from the HPC site.

“We have a large pool of highly-skilled, experienced workforce already in place and a receptive senior management team who support the needs of our customers with the investment in new products and processes that add value to the services we provide.”

If you have scaffolding qualifications and would be interested in working on Hinkley Point C for Altrad Services, use the link provided below for more information and to apply for a role.