New offering of 3D laser scanning now available from Altrad

New offering of 3D laser scanning now available from Altrad

Altrad are now able to offer another high-tech service to our clients.

We now have the required hardware and software for post-processing, and can up-skill site teams to perform scanning, enhancing their existing site knowledge.

The collection of this data, allows us to build digital twins of our client’s assets, saving time and cost, whilst reducing commercial risk via more accurate measurements for new work scopes.

The 3D scan can be used by all disciplines and provides; clash detection, modelling of new plant, modelling of new structures/scaffolding, measure for paint/ insulation/ asbestos/ scaffolding, crane positioning and lay-down areas. The highly accurate models can be used to create a preferred route through a plant, thereby reducing walking times and enhancing routes for inspections.

The use of this new technology offers many benefits to our clients:

  • Laser scanning captures millions of data points in seconds, enabling a far more accurate measure and model creation than other survey methods.
  • Eliminates subjective estimates produced in the office environment.
  • All steps in the process can be performed by Altrad, led by our highly experienced engineering team, from supply of hardware, scanning, processing and end-product in the clients preferred format.
  • Existing Altrad site personnel can perform the scan (where preferred by the client) – reducing risk and workload for client
  • The creation of a digital twin allows a model to be created of all assets, reducing requirement for site surveys, travel etc. for all future workloads and therefore reducing cost.