Microsoft Dynamics Navision is live for CISL

Microsoft Dynamics Navision is live for CISL

Today is a big day for Altrad Services in the UK, as today we cutover from SAP to Navision, which sees us move another step closer towards our digital future.

Those of you who work operationally will be very familiar with RESET It’s a tool designed to help you think about what you do when you do it.  It isn’t a time-consuming process, it’s a four second breath, just before you do something.

Well the Team working on the development and implementation of DYNAMICS NAVISION have taken many RESET breaths along the way, none more so than me before pushing the send button on this article and our ExCo on pushing the GO button to cutover from SAP to Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

It’s a massive undertaking..  

Introducing a single system that covers: How we buy materials, hire equipment, move scaffolding, manage vehicles, control our yards and stores, subcontract out work, monitor costs, invoice customers, pay suppliers, control cash and report our financial performance… In one system on one day phew…   

Are we ready?  Will there be challenges?  Will some people have permission issues?  Will some people panic and forget all their training?  Well if we are being honest with each other the answer to those is YES.   But it’s the right thing to do because there are many other YES’s too.

Does it Work? – YES   Will it Simplify our business? – YES,  Will it standardise how we work as Altrad? – YES,  Do we know how to resolve problem users face? – YES and will it enable us to WIN? YES,  YES,  YES.

We have taken our RESET moment and so if you are one of the 514 Altrad users who support CISL contracts.  Then today we ask that as you log onto CISL 14 – LIVE you take your RESET moment too Stop, Breathe, Think & Act .  Remember your Training, Remember if you don’t get access we can fix it, Remember your training manuals and videos, if you get stuck there are Key User local to you who can help, Remember your Key users can get help from their Super Users and Remember that at the centre is a project team who are there to support everyone.

The first month of any new system will take time to bed in but by Stopping, Breathing, Thinking & Acting will smooth any frustrations we have as we move towards our digital future together.