Latest Good Better How Winner

Latest Good Better How Winner

James Briggs has been acknowledged as our latest Good Better How winner.

He was erecting a scaffold access to the No3 Water Heater at the Aldbrough Gas Storage site located north-east of Hull. Upon reaching the 10m level he noticed there was a tear in an expansion joint.

James along with two other scaffolders, were erecting the scaffold access implemented the golden rule “Stop Work Authority” and returned to ground level to report the issue to the duty production engineer (DPE) reporting it as a potential gas leak. Upon closing the water heater down it was found that there had been fumes coming out of the damaged expansion joint.

The awareness and response of James helped to prevent a possible high potential incident.

Chris Abbey, HSE Director commented “James’ actions have averted a potential major event that could have resulted in loss, damage and or personal injury. This is a perfect example of someone who is situationally aware of their surroundings, taking personal responsibility for safety and making a real difference.”