Kyle Dickson praised for his proactive safety card

Kyle Dickson praised for his proactive safety card

Altrad electrical supervisor Kyle Dickson has received recognition for his safety card submission on the St. Fergus Gas Terminal during the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Kyle’s safety card highlighted the personal wellbeing issues which could arise for those working from home or on-site during the exceptional circumstances. The safety card focused on how changes to daily schedules could lead to increased working hours, feeling physically or mentally drained and at times, people feeling isolated.

Kyle suggested taking regular breaks, speaking over the phone rather than email or instant message and for those onsite to split the day up with office work and physical work.

Altrad had also identified these same concerns and have issued recommendations aimed at assisting personnel to achieve a healthy balance but wanted to praise Kyle for his observations and recommendations as it demonstrated is proactivity.

General Manger Peter Sheves said; “It is pleasing to see our team demonstrating how much they care for one another. Interventions such as these, provide a great example of the positive culture that exists and how important it is to highlight any such risks”.