iPlan set to be deployed at Grangemouth

iPlan set to be deployed at Grangemouth

After several months of development next week will see a team mobilised to our Petroineos contract at Grangemouth to deploy iPlan. It is anticipated that as this is the first site the team will be at site circa 6/7 weeks while the system is bedded in, 65 key users are trained and any teething issues are addressed. Following this we will then embark on a roll out strategy across the UK which is likely last until 2021.

PetroIneos Key Facts:

  • 12 Service Lines
  • 7 Altrad Legal Entities
  • 65 Key Users
  • 54 Mobile Device Users

The adoption of iPlan is the final piece of the jigsaw in respect of simplifying the systems we use to deliver our business while simultaneously providing our operational teams with a robust, fit for purpose tool to plan and execute work which in turn will enable us to deliver excellence.

We will share key learnings and highlights as the project progresses.