Ineos recognition for a job well done

Ineos recognition for a job well done

Altrad have played a big part in helping on a key turnaround at the Ineos Grangemouth site. To support the TAR, Altrad provided scaffolding, insulation and painting services. Altrad’s supervisor Jim Menzies took the spotlight in Ineos’ recent reward and recognition programme.

KG Cracker at Ineos Grangemouth

Ineos said: “Jim Menzies’ commitment to the KG 2019 TAR has been outstanding, therefore he has been awarded the Safety Star of the KG TAR by the KG Management Team.

“Jim has been an inspiration to all teams on KG, always being helpful and proactively driving continual improvement throughout the plant. Jim’s positivity is truly remarkable and has raised everyone’s spirits.”

Altrad’s General Manager, Simon Atterton added:

“I’ve personally known Jim for the past 15 years and I’m not surprised he won. It’s a fantastic achievement and he’s an ambassador for the company.”

Jim takes home a £2,500 holiday voucher.