How to get the latest Coronavirus updates

If you work for Altrad Services UK and currently have an account on iTrent, then should you wish to receive the latest Coronavirus updates directly from the business, it is important to make sure that your contact email on iTrent is up-to-date. To do this, simply go to and login. (as shown below). If you don’t get your payslips online you can sign up for alerts here.

Once you are logged in, click Personal in order to access your information. (as shown below).

You will then have access to all your personal information, you will need to click on contact details. (as shown below).

Once here, select user e-mail address from the dropdown and enter you email address in the box below. Once complete remember to save these changes to confirm your new email address. (as shown below).

You will now receive all Coronavirus updates from the business directly to the email address you have provided.