Sickness Absence

The Company wishes to ensure that it achieves the maximum possible level of employee attendance and the responsibility for ensuring that employees maintain a satisfactory level of attendance rests with supervision or management. However, it is recognised that a certain level of absence may be necessary due to sickness or domestic crisis to offer security of employment during such periods, whilst managing operational requirements.

Reporting absence

If you are absent from work because of sickness or injury, you must let us know of the reason for your absence within one hour of your normal start time by telephoning your manager on the first day of absence. If you can’t get in touch with your manager, then you should make a note of the time you called and the name of the person who took your message. Your manager should call you back. If you are unable to do this, you must arrange for someone to telephone your manager on your behalf. Failure to follow this guidance may result in ‘Statutory Sick Pay’ (SSP) not being paid, delayed, or further action being taken.

The above aforementioned method of reporting absence applies unless in the event your manager agrees to another method of contact during periods of absence.

Maintaining contact with us

In order to overcome any potential operational difficulties that may arise due to your absence from work, we require notification, within one hour of your normal start time, on each day of self-certified absence. If your absence through sickness or injury continues over a prolonged period, we may need you to contact your line manager on each and every Monday to keep them informed of your condition and progress.

Provision of medical certification

If you are absent due to sickness or injury for a period exceeding seven consecutive days, your absence must be covered by an appropriate medical certificate, e.g. Fitness for Work Statement, hospital note, private medical certificate, etc. You must continue to provide certificates on a regular basis to cover all absence until you are signed off as fit to resume normal duties.

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

SSP won’t be paid until you have provided a self-certification form covering all absences due to sickness or injury lasting from four to seven days.

There may be local arrangements to receive enhanced sick pay.

Prolonged absence

If a period of absence through sickness or injury continues over a prolonged period, we may seek your consent to obtain a medical report from your GP and you may be asked to attend a consultation with our Occupational Health Specialist.
• Taking Leave in special circumstances
• Compassionate Leave

Situations vary greatly depending on the circumstances and you should discuss this initially with your line manager.