Leave Entitlement

The legal minimum number of holidays in the UK & Ireland is 20 days plus eight days bank holiday. You are entitled to the number of days’ paid holiday in each holiday year as set out in your contract of employment.

If you join us part way through the holiday year or are part time you are entitled to annual leave and bank holidays on a pro-rata basis. Leave entitlement for part-time employees will be specified in individual Contracts of Employment.

We believe that it is really important that everyone takes their holiday and has appropriate breaks from work. As such, any holiday not taken in the current leave year will be lost and cannot be carried forward to the next leave year and no payment will be made in lieu of holiday not taken.

Only in exceptional circumstances i.e. where leave has been prevented due to the requirements of the business, a maximum of five days may be carried forward to the new leave year. Any days carried over must be taken by the end of March of the following leave year. In addition, where an employee has been asked to cancel a previously booked holiday late in the year, the Company will allow those additional days to be carried forward. In all cases, written permission to carry forward holiday entitlement will be required.

The annual leave year runs from January to December.

Annual leave should be spread across the year.

You will be provided with a log in to the online holiday booking system when you join the Company. You are responsible for maintaining your leave records and for accurately
recording any leave requested and taken.

Applications for annual leave should be submitted via iTrent Employee Self-Service (ESS). You must make sure that any holiday request is submitted at the earliest opportunity and has been approved by your line manager before you book a holiday. As a minimum, you should attempt to give notice equivalent to twice the period of leave you wish to take.

There is, however, no guarantee that holiday requests can be accommodated in all circumstances, due to business requirements.