Safety Culture

Beyond Zero

No matter how well we perform against our strategy targets, our number one priority is safety: we work safely or we don’t work at all.

Remember ED. He’s the guy that represents our approach to Excellence Delivered. And that’s not just with safety, but with how we do all our work. For a long time, our industry has focussed on safety once it’s gone wrong. We look at incidents and accidents after they’ve happened. We want to be a leader in changing this, to instead focus on becoming excellent. People at their peak don’t focus on their mistakes, they focus on improvement and that’s what we’re after. We’ll still give our attention to situations that go wrong, but we’ll focus on learning from them, rather than just measuring them.

Golden Rules

The Altrad Golden Rules are our guiding principles for health and safety at work and have become an essential part of our DNA.

It is your responsibility to follow them without exception, failure to do so would be regarded as a serious violation, and could lead to the termination of your employment. If you are unsure on whether you or your actions are fully compliant with all nine Golden Rules, you should consult your Line Manager or Supervisor for further advice and guidance.
Beyond Zero is Altrad’s view on safety, as we believe it is possible to take our performance beyond zero accidents. For a long time, our industry has focused on not having accidents in the workplace. At Altrad, we know this can be taken a step further. We believe instead of focusing on the avoidance of accidents we should be focused on achieving excellence. That’s why our approach to safety is that by trying to do the best job possible, small errors will be far less harmful.

With this approach, Altrad can go Beyond Zero.

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