Our behaviours

We talk a lot about communication, but listening is important. We need to commit to listen, to our customers, and to one another. We’ll also commit to listening to our people, with open two-way communications at the heart of our people strategy.

Having clear standards is important so we know from the start what standards we must hold ourselves accountable. Being consistent across the business helps our customers to expect a completely consistent experience from the entire Altrad Services business.

Our people are our last line of defence. We need everyone to feel like they have the right to speak up when they don’t think something is being done properly. That includes the authority to stop the job, or to whistle blow when something’s not been done to the values, behaviours and standards we set ourselves.

Our entire strategy is built on the businesses and people coming together. We truly believe we’re better together, and collaborating is how we do that. Be it sharing services, best practice, ideas or our people, collaborating as a single business will inspire confidence from our customers.

Our business is built on innovation. We think differently to solve our customers’ problems and we share our ideas so a good idea helps to inspire more innovation, simplify the work we do for our customers, or help partnerships win more work collectively.