Golden Rules

At Altrad we recognise that we operate in hazardous environments. These environments by nature aren’t safe places; it’s our attitude and the way we work that makes them safe. It also means we need to have some basic rules that we all follow to keep us safe. We call them our golden rules.


We always have procedures in place for each task we undertake. Be that lagging, painting or even paying an invoice. Making sure we understand the risk and have appropriate controls in place is key to managing the risks.


As followers of ED, we are more aware of our surroundings than most. Using RESET, we’re able to take a moment to consider what others are doing around us and the associated risks. Simultaneous operations require the need for us to not only consider the activity that we are involved with but also those going on around us. While SIMOPS provide us with an opportunity to be more productive, this should only be after the risks have been fully considered and mitigated.


We’re confident that we employ competent, suitably qualified and experienced people. So much so that individuals are empowered to stop a job when something doesn’t seem right. Everyone has the right to stop work in the interest of HSE and quality.


We’re only ever as good as the tools and machinery we use to complete our tasks. That means for every job we use the right tool and only once trained and competent to do so. We are all responsible for making sure that all our tools and machinery are in perfect working order. Any faulty machine or tool should be repaired, quarantined or disposed of straight away.


A lot of our work takes place at height. This doesn’t have to be any more hazardous than working at ground level, but it’s imperative we adopt all of the recognised controls such as clipping on, working within a safe platform, storing equipment appropriately, being aware of others in the vicinity to make it safe.


One of the most hazardous things we encounter daily is mobile plant. Making sure we adhere to the highway code, and any relevant site / office traffic controls is important in protecting us.


Housekeeping isn’t just a saying. It’s a key factor in delivering excellence. A clean tidy and well-ordered working environment is far safer than a messy one. It not only enables us to spot and react to hazard much earlier than we would otherwise but also reflects the pride we undertake in our work and our respect for environments in which we operate.


Above all, we strive for a safe working environment. That means we follow all our procedures in our drive for excellence. Where hazards exist, we use signs and barriers to communicate and prevent risk.


And finally, we use our PPE as our last line of defence. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need our protective equipment. But having it only adds more protection, both from the immediate hazards around us and the longer terms problems we might face without it – for example loss of hearing.

We aim for excellence through ED, and our golden rules are the foundation.