Beyond Zero

Beyond Zero is the Altrad Groups view on safety.

In the UK we believe it’s possible to take our performance not only beyond zero accidents but also incidents, whether these by environmental excursions, instances of rework etc. For a long time, our industry has concentrated on not having accidents. We now think this belief can be taken a step further. We believe that instead of focusing on the avoidance of accidents, we should be focussing on achieving excellence.

Most of us are sports fans, and we know that our teams focus on winning rather than trying not to lose. We think our approach should be the same. If we try to do the best job possible, small errors will be far less harmful. With this approach, Altrad can go Beyond Zero.

Message from our President Mohed Altrad and his view on our safety culture below

“At Altrad, we are aware that the complexity and the diversity of our businesses can sometimes make it difficult to identify high-risk situations, and even more difficult to know what attitude to adopt when faced with a hazard.

For that reason, at every group level, numerous initiatives have been introduced to improve safety. These initiatives are always part of a continuous improvement process based on identifying, analysing and controlling risks.

To reduce these risks and make safety a genuine value shared by all its employees, Altrad is committed to making safety a basis of its corporate culture.

The approach that we promote enables everyone to become involved and give their opinion on topics relating to health and safety. On a day-to-day basis, everyone’s contribution is both necessary and welcome. It creates a collective commitment and helps us to develop a genuine safety culture.”