End of Year Message: Paudie Somers

End of Year Message: Paudie Somers

As 2019 and Q1 of the Altrad year draws to a close, I wanted to take this opportunity to take a few moments to reflect on the past year.

Its very pleasing to report that 2019 has shown an improvement in our overall safety performance for our business. The incremental steps of improvement are very encouraging, we should all be proud of the overall level of achievement. I thank you for your contribution to this positive development, however, our work is not done. No incident is acceptable, and we must continue our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, sustaining a culture of Chronic Unease where Zero harm to our people and the environment is the only acceptable outcome.

During the year we have experienced 29 Dropped object events. I think that you will agree this is 29 too many. One particular event which occurred at one of our statistically safest sites. We were lucky that the IP did not sustain a significant injury, however, the potential was there. A short presentational video has been produced to illustrate the events leading up to, and chain of events after an object has been dropped. Please, if you haven’t already done so take time to watch it. We cannot afford to be complacent, we must all have a sense of Chronic Unease with everything we do.

2019 was a year of change, however, we can safely say that integration is now behind us, and I can see our teams working as one across all levels of the organisation.

We have collectively faced significant challenges across the business, some within our control and some not, and some out of necessity and progress. 2019 was the year of iTrent and ERP development as we invest significantly in the digitalization of our organisation to take us into the next decade, an undertaking that has seen a huge amount of effort from all involved and something we all need to adapt to and support. I’m also conscious that change can cause fatigue, so a big thank you from my team and I as we continue to drive Altrad towards a more sustainable future.

From a growth perspective the market remains buoyant with plenty of opportunities available to the group throughout 2020 which we are actively pursuing, whilst also accepting that as market leader we continue to be pursued by a hungry pack which keeps us sharp and on our toes.

Structurally we have seen changes across the organisation as we organise ourselves in a more effective manner with a more balanced leadership team which I truly believe is stronger and more focused to face the future. We will continue to develop our people and continue to strengthen our team by recruiting the best talent there is.

Areas of focus for 2020 will remain with our ongoing pursuit of safety excellence, the delivery of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan , business retention and targeted growth.  We’re putting special focus on the rejuvenation of our Aberdeen business, with the development of Offshore Environmental Services which we recognise as a sleeping giant.  We will also be getting back on the acquisition trail to complement our growth ambitions by convincing our shareholders that the UK, Ireland and Nordics is the region to invest in.

2019 has also been a year of significant change for me personally as I moved from a Holding role into the UK, Ireland and Nordics CEO position, something that I am enjoying immensely. It is a challenging role, however made all the easier with the support I have felt from teams across the business, which has been quite overwhelming.

Finally, a thank you all for your fantastic efforts and commitments this year, there is a reason why we are number one. It is not by accident, it is down to you the Altrad team, every one of you. I wish you, your friends and families the very best wishes this festive period and wish you a very happy and safe new year.

Best regards,