Commendable Recognition for Altrad Services at ConocoPhillips 2020 Pride Awards

Commendable Recognition for Altrad Services at ConocoPhillips 2020 Pride Awards

The ConocoPhillips Teesside Pride Awards recognises outstanding performance and accomplishments in categories for creating a safer working environment, contributing to operations excellence, project delivery, and reinforcing the ConocoPhillips SPIRIT Values.

The primary objective of the Teesside Pride Awards is to:

  • Celebrate our recent success
  • Recognise innovation and excellence 
  • Raise the awareness of significant accomplishments 
  • Encourage people at ConocoPhillips Teesside to develop, implement and evaluate initiatives that help achieve sustainable business improvements including cost reduction.

The rigging team won two awards, the first award, Best Team contribution to Continuous Improvement – standard of site lifting plans and safe and efficient execution of all lifts.

The second award, Best Team contribution to Innovation and Inclusion (Multi Team Award).  Dave McMillan (AP) accepted both awards on behalf of the rigging team.

Altrad FMEI Team was awarded the Best Team Contribution to Better Tools Better Methods (BTBM). In 2019 Altrad FMEI had nine suggestions agreed and implemented within the same year. The standout submission of 2019 was the pipe roller and tirfor used on the CUPS project. The pipe rollers and tirfor was to remove redundant pipework. This not only made the task safer by minimising line of fire hazards but it also produced cost savings by reducing crane usage. Richard Cooper accepted the award on behalf of the team.

Our final award win went to Ian Alderthay, who was awarded Best Individual Contribution to Personal Safety Intervention (PSI).