Client recognition prompts a Good Better How win for Matt

Client recognition prompts a Good Better How win for Matt

Matt Thompson has worked for Altrad as a HSEQ advisor for the past three years. He has worked at various locations throughout the UK, and is currently working for us at Lucite.

Matt recently undertook a detailed gap analysis of the Lucite’s safe systems of work and this identified some areas for improvement which he translated into a revised working document for the client. 

Lucite’s Overhaul Manager sent an e-mail praising Matt’s work and phoned to say how impressed he was with the professionalism, knowledge and speed at which the solutions were developed.

Andy Brothwood, Lucite Overhaul Manager commented, “Fantastic piece of work from Matt, the best SSOW (Safe System of Work) doc we have ever had in place for an overhaul in my opinion.  Whenever you introduce new people on site, there is always a period where we learn how each other work, Matt dived straight in and delivered.”

Dave Irving, Director of Shutdowns and Tank Maintenance, said “I’ve known Matt for three years, he joined us in 2017, newly qualified in the role of HSE advisor. Seeing how Matt has grown into the role, developed his expertise and delivered event on event, is credit to himself.  He’s a great self-starter, goes the extra mile to deliver, and is one to watch for the future.”

Matt receives the award for going the extra mile for our client by improving a number of safety measures.