Case Study: Asbestos Removal – P66 Humber Refinery

ClientP66 Humber Refinery
ProjectAsbestos Removal
LocationEast – Killingholme
Size of ContractCompact
Duration4 Weeks
Outcomes• Critical Path Schedule achieved despite congestion and heat
• Highly praised by customer
• All work completed and compliant with Asbestos regulations and HSE guidance


As part of the P66 challenge to divest its burden of Legacy asbestos for future legislative compliance and cost mitigation P66 planned to remove the asbestos from 4 Process lines within the CTU GHODS unit on the P66 refinery.

Following a competitive tendering process Altrad was awarded the contract to remove asbestos on the four pipelines within the CTU GOHDS unit on the P66 Humber refinery.


The works were particularly demanding due to the congestion of the area, the elevated nature of the work (6 lifts high) and the fact that the work was to be completed in a tight critical path schedule.

The tenting of this enclosure was particularly difficult as there were many pipes passing through the enclosure making it difficult to create a negative seal. There were also challenges with maintaining a comfortable working environment due to the heat from the process pipework raising the temperature of the enclosure.


All in a day’s work for the Asbestos Strippers we employed under Andrew Lunn and Ernie Shaw who served their time on coal-fired power stations and were used to the congestion, heat and challenging work environment. The work was completed on time and to schedule and in accordance with the customer’s expectations and to their complete satisfaction.

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