Business Integrity and Ethics

Business Integrity and Ethics

Acting ethically and with integrity is fundamental to the way we do business at Altrad. Operating within a culture of openness and honesty, and behaving with respect for others means we can trust each other to work in the best long-term interests of the Group.

At Altrad, we will always act in accordance with the strictest ethical standards. To support the Group’s commitment, an Ethics Committee has been established which is responsible for implementing a Business Integrity and Ethics Code across the Group.

Responsibility for complying with and implementing the Code is down to each and every one of us. The respect of this Code should be a priority for all and it should serve as your principle guide towards progress and excellence.

Group Compliance Portal

To provide a platform for ensuring we all have access to the relevant resources, we have created a dedicated compliance portal for all your businesses compliance needs. The portal:

  • has electronic copies of the Code for downloading
  • has details of all the Altrad Group Policies that you will need to access
  • has training materials to allow you and your colleagues to understand fully your compliance obligations
  • has details of the Whistleblowing Hotline
  • allows you to declare your gifts and entertainment
  • allows you to declare any conflict of interests.

Accessing the Portal

  • All Altrad Group employees with a dedicated email address will automatically be provided with access to the Altrad Group Compliance Portal.
  • Individuals will be provided with a link by email, which once clicked will take them to the “first-time login” screen. They will need to enter their work email address and click “setup account”. This will then trigger an email to be sent to their inbox which will provide instructions to complete the setup of their account.
  • The Altrad Group Compliance Portal can be accessed at


The Group will use the Portal to push out a series of campaigns to raise awareness of and ultimately ensure compliance with the Business Integrity and Ethics Code.

From time-to-time, you may receive an email from the Portal asking you to participate in a series of training initiatives and/or to make a declaration relating to one or more of the policies that underpin the Code.