Blog: Tony Jester – Managing Director, Maintenance, Modifications & Overhauls

Blog: Tony Jester – Managing Director, Maintenance, Modifications & Overhauls

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Success comes in many forms, but keeping ourselves safe and not causing harm to the environment is the most important in our thoughts. The last three months alone has some great examples, exceeding over one million man-hours at ConocoPhillips Teesside without a single incident, seven million man-hours at ESSAR without a lost-time incident, and successfully completing the Petroineos shutdown where we mobilised over 650 people without only one very minor incident, a fantastic achievement by every single one of us.

Further north, in the North Sea, we celebrate more success for our teams on the Claire Ridge project. First oil from the field was drawn back in 2018 and since then the teams have worked tirelessly closing out project and maintenance activities, ahead of schedule.

Let’s keep focused on delivering excellence every day to our customers. We are the largest industrial services provider in the UK, where we have a reach across more industries and customers than any other contractor in the UK. That means our ability to see opportunities and deliver ever-increasing amounts of work is better than any other contractor. Our track record and customer accolades echo this. We always focus on doing every job safely, to the right quality and as efficiently as we can. We will continue to deliver that excellence. Look out for ED, that’s our motto and our strapline for being the best we can be in every simple task we undertake. ED will become our focus in everything we do.


Teams from across the business are working hard to install new systems and continue to make good progress. As they help the whole UK business modernise to be fit for purpose. These systems will help us control and simplify all we do. The payroll cut-over progresses really well and will put every UK employee into a single system, accessible via mobile apps. It allows us to speed up the communication of pay advice, and reduce our use of paper systems to nil.

The coming together of our new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system) is also making great progress. In simple terms, this means we’ll be able to turn off SAP, COINS, SAGE and a host of other separate systems, with the next significant milestones coming in September and October. We have made a further investment this summer and will join the systems together and deploy them to our sites through a mobile site system called IPLAN. This will put Altrad firmly into the leading edge of deploying our systems into the field alongside our work teams, using state of the art tablet and mobile technology, feeding into customer-focused planning performance hubs. We recently ran a large campaign to show some of the steps we are taking within Altrad to embrace digital technology to make our jobs simpler, and more efficient, so we can focus on winning safely. See the campaign here.

Lastly, the project to simplify our systems and procedures charges ahead. AIMS (Altrad Integrated Management Systems), will bring together the best practices and methods from all the businesses and teams that form Altrad in the UK, and ensure our integrated systems are not only user-friendly and easy to understand, but easily accessible through SharePoint, and fit for the next decade of our operations.


What a busy three months it’s been. Our teams have completed, or are still working on shutdowns for customers in the four corners of the United Kingdom, from Shetland to Grangemouth, down to Barry Island in Wales, across to Drax in Yorkshire, and Essar in Cheshire, to name just a few. So many teams thinking about, planning and executing work. It’s so important that we continue to focus on protecting each other, our customers’ assets and the environment. Let’s make sure we keep our focus on the quality of the jobs we undertake. This quality of thinking helps produce a detailed and helpful risk assessment focussed on the right hazards and the right control measures and helps us plan for greatness. Remember, when something changes, let’s stop and think again. If the job needs new risk assessment controls, then apply them before we go back to work.

We also learnt this month that our framework as part of the Sellafield Decommission Alliance has been extended through until 2026. This is a strategically important relationship for Altrad, securing our future at the site, but also allowing us to continue to grow our capability and track record within the nuclear decommissioning market in the UK.

Thank you for everything you do in continuing to drive Altrad forwards.