Blog: Paudie Somers, Excellence. Delivered.

Blog: Paudie Somers, Excellence. Delivered.

There’s a lot to be excited about right now in Altrad Services as we continue to build a business for the future. You may have recently noticed a new section on our app that describes Excellence Delivered, or as we call it, ED. ED defines what Altrad looks like in the future, encompassing a wealth of initiatives that are already in place or in development right now.

At its core, ED is about striving to get better in everything we do. Be that in the way we operate our business through to the way we deliver a product or service.

It is our firmly held belief that ED sits at the heart of our business and by adopting the simple mantra of looking to be better tomorrow than we were today we will have a business that inspires excellence, is simple in how it transacts and ultimately enables us to win as a collective.

To assist us on our journey to deliver ED we are launching our Excellence Delivered Boards. The concept for the boards was a result of various members of teams across the UK visiting an external facility which shows the benefits of lean techniques, standardisation and visual management.  The philosophy has been adopted successfully in other industries and internally within both our Thermal and Nuclear sectors. The first batch of boards are being shipped to locations the length and breadth of the UK as we speak.

To see how these boards should be used, download ED’s guide here. Download

This month I visited Grangemouth along with a large group of our senior management team to take part in the formal launch of ED and to review the innovative work being carried out to realise our digital ambitions.

Our new performance hubs which are now springing up at offices and sites.  These performance hubs allow a new way of working using real-time performance data. Through the hubs and our investment in up-to-date systems decisions can be made in an agile way which ultimately delivers productivity benefits for our customers.

We’ve invested in a range of systems that helps us capture data more efficiently and deliver user-friendly management information to drive efficiencies and productivity right across the business.

The investment in iPlan, our business-wide operational delivery software, is already live in some parts of our organisation and brings together core systems to improve our overall efficiency.

Seeing the Performance Hub in practice and how the site teams have embraced our digital aspirations was inspiring for me. It fills me with confidence that we continue to deliver for our customers, support our teams and build on our market-leading position in the years ahead. Often the big ideas are easy to envisage, but very difficult to realise in practical terms.  I’d like to personally congratulate the teams involved in bringing this vision to life.  

You might be wondering what you can do to push our aspirations of excellence forwards. I’d invite you to be curious about ED. Download our App, read about it and consider what you can do with these set of tools and principles to help you win in your own role.

Paudie Somers, CEO Altrad Services UK, Ieland & Nordics