AstraZeneca Shrink Wrap Works

AstraZeneca Shrink Wrap Works

Altrad Services recently completed the WH2 shrink wrap wall for client AstraZeneca. This was the first time these works had been carried out on such a scale by one of our teams.

AstraZeneca had requested a barrier between two buildings as one is to be demolished in the coming weeks. They had initially requested Monoflex or a full barrier of hard sheeting until we advised that we could provide a service that would create a much neater product, a greater weather barrier and indeed provide a wall between the working building and the demolition behind it.

The work carried out allowed the services to remain in situ, therefore, saving the client money as the shrinkwrap material could be moulded to suit.

The scaffolding required was minimal to negate any wasted space within the used building which will remain standing.

To understand the scale of these works the two walls comprised of a 28m x 8m barrier and a 16m x 8m barrier.