Altrad Uncovered to launch next Thursday

Altrad Uncovered to launch next Thursday

In our quest to provide you with better communications – we are set to launch our new podcast: “Altrad Uncovered”.

Whether you’re at work, driving home or burning calories on the treadmill you can listen to our podcast.

Fittingly, we’re calling our podcast “Altrad Uncovered” – and our mission is to give you an unbiased view of Altrad, our people and all the latest developments.

During our podcast sessions, we will get to know the people behind the titles, understand how they got there and what makes them tick. We’ll ask the difficult questions, not just the easy ones, to give you an enlightened perspective

We are excited to be joined by Paudie Somers, the CEO of the UK, Ireland & Nordics for our first edition. This will be published around lunchtime on Thursday 16/04/2020 – but don’t worry, we’ll drop you a line to let you know, just as soon as it goes live.

Remember this is your podcast, produced for you. So, we welcome your suggestions for guests and any questions you’d like to put forward. These episodes are not limited to the senior management, so whether you work on a site, in a site office or within one of our regional offices, whatever your role, we are sure you would make a brilliant guest.

Please email any suggestions or feedback to

Happy listening…