Altrad Services wins 2020 Fleet News Safe Fleet Award

Altrad Services wins 2020 Fleet News Safe Fleet Award

The use of telematics data and greater driver accountability have helped drive down incident rates at Altrad Services and secure it this year’s Safe Fleet of the Year Award.

Operating some 1,200-plus cars and vans, intervention was key to the teams success. Using telematics data and accident statistics to identify at-risk drivers, while introducing greater driver accountability and acting on driver feedback. The focus on safety starts from day one, with all new drivers joining the firm assessed over a three-month period using telematics data from their vehicle. Drivers of large vans undergo a half day assessment before being allowed on the road. This involves vehicle familiarisation training, load security and safe loading training, both face-to-face and via e-learning modules. The driver will then be ‘mirrored’ for the rest of the day to assess their driving and customer interaction.

The assessment of all drivers is continuous, with telematics data building a profile of each driver and identifying areas of weakness to allow targeted training. Driver training at Altrad Services consists of three key elements: e-learning; one-to-one driver training and classroom-based courses.

Drivers who are deemed to be high risk are given priority, with areas of concern discussed initially between driver and fleet or line manager. They are presented with the telematics data showing the areas of concern, how their driving might impact other road users or potentially result in an incident. They then take a targeted e-learning course. For drivers who do not show any improvements, they have to take a further half-day, in-house, classroom-based course, which is followed up with further e-learning modules.

There is also annual driver training for all other drivers, which can be either a one-to-one driver training session or online. Altrad Services coaches its drivers to understand how their personality, values and beliefs impact the way they control a vehicle.