Altrad Services UK carryout overseas online cleaning works in Nigeria

Altrad Industrial Services UK were contacted by Prezioso-Linjebygg to look at a scope of work in a pumping station located in Nigeria.

The proposed scope of work was to remove sand from various vessels, four in total, to avoid shutting down the plant/pumping station due to interphase sand level issues with in the vessels and remove sand via a confined space entry which would have incurred a total shutdown of around 21 days.

Prezioso Linjebygg team and the proposed client spoke with Altrad industrial services where it was determined via the pumping station P&IDs that Altrad could attach the equipment to the vessels. Altrad mobilised one of our engineers to Nigeria to carry out a survey of said plant and vessels to confirm proposed tie in points and the adjacent laydown areas to carry out the proposed scope of work.

The online cleaning equipment was then sent to Nigeria via our shipping agent to carry out scope of work. An Altrad online cleaning crew was then sent to Nigeria where they were met by Prezioso management and chaperoned the whole time whilst in country. The Altrad Online Cleaning Sand Removal System was set up at the pumping station on each individual vessel with crew removing sand from each vessel, whilst sustaining the pressure of the vessels. The team removed sand from four vessels over a 10 day period to allow the client to carry on operations without having to shut down the pumping station.

Feedback from client: Work scope achieved safely with no incidents to operators or environment, work party demonstrated a very high degree of professionalism and attitude and excellent work ethic, with highly advanced technology equipment, we will without doubt use Altrad again.