Altrad Services receive PX Safety R+ Award

Altrad Services receive PX Safety R+ Award

Altrad Services were presented with the PX Safety R+ Award after a team was tasked with the removal of loose Passive Fire Protection (PFP) on the back of a high potential incident.

This award covers all PX sites and received good feedback from the other sites upon review of the nomination.

The incident had been classified as a High Potential Incident (HIPO) as the most serious probable outcome would have been a ‘fatality’ based on the drop height and the weight of the PFP estimated at a total weight of 25.6kg.

Our team provided emergency response to PX on the back of the HIPO incident where they removed more than six tons of PFP while checking all the trains, using a combination of MWEPS and RAT teams. The PFP coating from the remainder of the steel beam in question was found to be cracked and was removed the following morning.

The site was barred from working on the trains while the team worked on checking them which impacted on site operations. The team worked through each of the three gas trains over the course of seven days, which included overtime and the first weekend to progress the work scope quickly and safely to restore the trains operations.