Completed works at BOC Fawley Plant

Completed works at BOC Fawley Plant

Altrad Services recently carried works at the BOC Fawley plant recently, for which the team received praise. Colin Falconer, BOC Plant Manager at Fawley and Thame, provided comments offering his sincere thanks and appreciation to the people listed below for the work they carried out.

Colin said, “There was some urgency to carry this work out and return the vessel to service as soon as possible, and your guys really pulled the stops out, including laying on a night shift at short notice to finish some welding work.

“I very much appreciate their ‘can do‘ attitude, and feel that they should be praised for the work.

The personnel responsible for the work are: 

Peter Jeans – Project Engineer,
Martin Palmer – Pipe Fitter,
Martin Pancaldi – Mechanical Fitter,
Nathan Perrin – Coded Welder,
Harry Tregunna – Coded Welder,
Mitch Williams – Coded Welder.

This positive message was passed on to the team, with all team members being nominated for our monthly recognition award scheme.