Altrad donate overalls to local charities

Altrad donate overalls to local charities

Altrad Services’ Aberdeen Business Unit have donated their surplus old branded PPE to two local charities.

The first donation was to Thurso Community café in the far north of Scotland. The café has become a hub for tackling not only hunger and hard times but also for discussing social aspects by helping people who are struggling with substance dependency, loneliness and depression. Unlike most conventional café’s this one is run on donations, no price list or financial expectations just a donation box which we believe can help some of the most vulnerable in the local community.

Altrad Services Scaffold Foreman, Billy Brock, who is based on the Serica Bruce platform, requested the donation after he noticed in the platform store that there was a small amount of old branded PPE, and put forward the request to donate these to the Café. General Manager David Strang not only agreed this but arranged for the old gear to be catalogued and shipped up to the furthest reaches of the north of Scotland. With the café’s ethos, it runs swish events where people take old or unwanted items to be upcycled within the community. These events are crucial to keep the café operational. Fishermen, Crofters, self-employed workmen and general members of the community flooded to the event, volunteers were inundated with calls and messages asking for things to be kept aside for them and the event could not have gone better.

This was in part due to the amazing donation from Altrad and the work that the team put in. Their efforts resulted in the café raising £1,145 which is an unprecedented amount to take in when compared to other events.

The second donation was requested from the PX St Fergus Site where we have 80 Altrad operatives working. The donation of overalls was to the Buchan Community Farm which provides a safe, peaceful and relaxing environment for people to participate in countryside activities to help anyone, with any life challenges or social exclusion. The boiler suits will help the people they support keep warm, clean and dry whilst they take part in activities such as working with horses, farm animals, horticulture, light maintenance, woodwork, and arts and crafts.