Altrad delivers a major milestone in support of the UK’s marine energy market

Altrad delivers a major milestone in support of the UK’s marine energy market

In the early hours of the 12th July 2020, Altrad delivered the first of four 42 tonne mWave™ wave energy converter ‘cell modules’ for leading marine energy company Bombora in South West Wales.

Measuring over 7.7m wide and 15.1m in length, this abnormal load, was escorted from our fabrication workshop through Pembroke Dock, negotiating traffic lights and telephone wires. The journey was supervised by several of Altrad`s staff and was completed successfully in under an hour.

This delivery represents a major milestone for the project – the modules were fabricated by Altrad under a collaborative partnership with Bombora, which allowed both parties to work together to overcome a number of engineering challenges successfully.

The cell modules are a key component of Bombora’s 1.5MW mWave product for the Pembrokeshire Demonstration Project, which will be installed off the coast of Pembrokeshire in 2021. The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.

On reaching the fabrication workshop, the large-scale cell modules will be covered by a flexible rubber membrane which is the pioneering innovation at the heart of mWave technology. As waves pass over mWave, under-water pressure increases, causing each rubber membrane to compress sequentially, forcing air inside the membranes into a duct. A one-way air flow to the turbine — directly spinning a generator converts this rotation into clean electricity.

The Pembrokeshire coast is home to a Marine Energy Testing Area (META) managed by Marine Energy Wales. Pembroke Dock Marine is a £60m Swansea Bay City Deal project which will deliver the facilities, services and spaces needed to establish a world-class centre for renewable marine technologies.

Peter Hughes, Director of Business Development & Strategy commented: “We are pleased to be using our skills and capabilities to support Bombora in the UK’s marine energy market, to develop a product to produce low carbon energy from the abundant resource of wave energy”.

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