Alan and Jordan share latest Good Better How award

Alan and Jordan share latest Good Better How award

TIE Supervisors Alan Cullingham and Jordan Creed have been acknowledged as our latest Good Better How winners.

The two work at Sutton Bridge Power Station in south east Lincolnshire for client Calon Energy. Alan and Jordan were scoping future work in the dead space of a boiler when they spotted a significant piece of metal had come away from the header pipe and was identified as a possible high potential incident. The piece of metal had the potential to fall 20m into a confined space below where people were going to be entering the workspace.

The pair stopped their current work and reported the issue to their line manager, the client and Humber Fire and Rescue who implemented the necessary steps to resolve the issue and remove the potential hazard.

The client passed on their thanks to Alan and Jordan who expressed their gratitude for the observation.

Alan Cullingham
Jordan Creed