AIMS updated to include Scaffolding documents

AIMS updated to include Scaffolding documents

The main Altrad Services scaffold procedures are now live on the AIMS SharePoint site which can be accesses using this link

More forms, technical manuals and work instructions will follow over the coming days. If any forms or procedures relating to scaffolding that you expect to see aren’t there, please contact

The three main scaffolding technical manuals covering Tube & Fittings, Ring Systems and HAKI are now also live in this location; these enable us to safely construct a wide range of scaffold structures without the requirement for a specific design but still remain compliant.  

There are around 840 different scaffold design types in these manuals. The main advantages over the previous Cape (and Hertel) versions are;

  • All three manuals have the same sections (i.e. section two for independents, three for birdcages etc.) making it easier to find what you are looking for
  • Additional information in the first section relating to coupler loadings and load classes
  • Simpler tables for “everyday” independents
  • All scaffold tables now have a reference number which can be referenced on tags and on inspection reports for compliance
  • Rakered free-standing independents now included
  • Beams now only go through one standard at each end rather than two (save materials)
  • A far wider range of lifting frames for different loads up to 1,500kg (previously only 1,000kg). Also includes aluminium beams for lifting
  • A wider range of sheeted enclosures
  • Lacing and bracing for system beams
  • Previous system manuals for both Ring and HAKI were very limited but now include a far wider range of typical structures.