AIMS – Save the Date

AIMS – Save the Date

In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, we are pleased to announce that after a lot of hard work the Altrad Information Management System (AIMS) will be launched on 1st September 2020.

This key date marks the end of a project which brings together all of the documentation we use to operate the business. It sees the removal of legacy and/or duplicated procedures and marks the start of us all working in a common way to a common set of instructions.

AIMS is designed with the end user in mind when it comes to structure and navigation. The overarching aim of the system is to enable you to find whatever you need within three clicks of the mouse.

We will be setting up Teams Live sessions for 1st September – 4th September. Each will last up to 30 minutes and there will be four sessions per day. We will share these links with you as soon as these are finalised. There are no restrictions on the sessions, allowing you to join any session and as many as you wish to.

It’s great to see that there have been 141 new viewers on the system in the last three days alone! We always welcome and value your feedback, feel free to let us know what your first impressions are by emailing or