“In defining and choosing the values that it proposes to embody and defend, a group puts forward the responsibility to which each of its members engages, both for them self and above all in relation to others”
Mohed Altrad


We accept the responsibility as a group and as individuals to prevent situations that jeopardise the health and safety of everyone at our workplaces. We treat people with consideration, regardless of their position. We conduct our business in accordance with exemplary standards of transparency, integrity and honesty. We hold a deep sense of responsibility towards all of our stakeholders and the environment we work in.


Solidarity is about teamwork and reliability. We collaborate and contribute to the different projects we undertake together by sharing ideas and opportunities, knowledge and resources.

We support and stand up for each other. We always foster open and collaborative relationships and we put the common good before personal interests.


We are eager to reach out beyond new boundaries and we are willing to explore innovative ways of working and thinking.

What we do is therefore not easy; we are entrepreneurs and thus take risks and challenge ourselves all the time.

Our objective is always to achieve the best outcome despite the difficulties.


We are open to differing points of view and are convinced that we can learn from anyone, anywhere We always act and lead in a manner that expresses a spirit of inclusion. We tend to learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure and, above all, we never underestimate our competition. For every project, we seek and provide honest feedback to reach our goals by continuous improvement.


Every day we try to create a work environment that reflects the spirit of our teams, based upon commitment and open-mindedness. Together, we know how to share and to collaborate in a convivial spirit. We also celebrate success and combine functional excellence and cross-functional teamwork to produce exceptional ideas and results.