Our People

Our People

We value our people, and their commitment and skills that give Altrad its competitive edge. They uphold Altrad’s core values and are key to our success.

That’s why we invest so much time making sure they are well looked after, including extensive health screening, regular safety training in the format they can best relate to, and an ongoing career development programme. By employing a diverse workforce from the regions in which we operate, we can generate a more detailed understanding of the local environment and therefore deploy relevant intelligent solutions.

Our core values espouse the best of who we are and guide the way we conduct business on a day-to-day basis.  We endeavour to demonstrate and uphold these values in order that we can build a better business for the long term.


We continue to devote substantial resources to the development of talent at different levels throughout the organisation.

We provide a number of tailored leadership development programmes targeted at different levels of the organisation, including supervisory, delivery management, senior leadership, and future leaders training.


Training and development

Technical Authorities

Initially conceived in 2015, we saw real momentum during 2016 in establishing and embedding our Technical Authorities in the Group. They are our leading source of technical assurance and compliance on a given product or service and are responsible for our Centres of Excellence, which are just one part of our ever-improving communication toolkit for sharing best practice across the Group’s global footprint.

We utilise their expertise to support our customers around the globe, ensuring we help our customers select the right solution to meet their specific needs.



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