Altrad Services operates across a wide range of industrial markets at both existing assets and new construction projects.

We are able to quickly, safely and efficiently mobilise large numbers of appropriately skilled and experienced employees and physical assets in order meet our customers needs.  Our extensive experience in each of the markets in which we operate, combined with a reputation for operational excellence, allows our customers to focus on maximising the value of their operations.

No matter where we work, our highly-skilled employees bring the same strong focus on safety and a value-driven approach to every project we work on.

Power Generationaltrad power generation

At Altrad, we have a long history of delivering our innovative, value-driven services for our customers across a wide-variety of installations, both onshore and offshore.

Oil & Gas

altrad services oil and gas

Customers know they can rely on us to support the management of their power generation assets as well as deliver a rapid emergency response to repairs and plant defects.

Chemical & Steelaltrad services chemical and steel

Altrad provides a wide range of multi-disciplinary services to the construction and maintenance of major chemical, petrochemical and polymer plants.


altrad services mining

Altrad has a long history of working in the minerals and mining market.
Our focus is on helping our customer’s facilities run safely and efficiently.

Other Industrialaltrad services industrial

We have a presence in a variety of other markets across the globe in which we operate, including marine construction, pharmaceutical and food industries.