We work with our customers to provide a high-quality, safe, bespoke and
value-driven range of critical industrial services both when assets are being built and to help keep them running once they are operational. We are able to offer a full range of tailored solutions, from single services to effectively managing a customer’s critical infrastructure on their behalf.

How we do it:

With safety at the centre of everything we do, we work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs, developing innovative solutions that deliver value to our customers.

Our team:

We value our people. It is their professionalism, competence and commitment to delivering excellence for our customers that enables Cape to deliver excellence.


Altrad Services’ involvement often begins as early as the feasibility study, where we provide expert advice and technical support to some of the world’s largest and most respected engineering, procurement and construction companies.

Drawing on considerable international experience in the delivery of major projects, together with extensive technical resources, we work in partnership with our customers to develop an innovative, safe and reliable construction methodology and an accurate assessment of costs.

Once the project is under way, we are able to mobilise large numbers of suitably qualified and experienced personnel, backed by large quantities of plant and equipment and the latest technology. This provides customers with a reliable and flexible resource and helps ensure construction activities are safe and efficient. Customers can be confident we will deliver operational excellence.

An outcome of good maintenance practices is asset integrity, which helps to prevent major incidents.

Our asset integrity management skills are strongly aligned with maintaining primary containment barriers that prevent or minimise the severity and escalation of a release of potentially dangerous materials. By applying the principles of continuous improvement and innovation, we play a major role in maintaining and enhancing the safe operation and efficiency of industrial facilities, extending the useful life of assets, and safely decommissioning facilities at the end of their useful lives.


Maintaining large-scale production requires a service provider that can offer its customers innovative multi-disciplined integrated solutions and enhanced reliability. Working collaboratively with the customer, we support this with skilled and experienced staff, together with considerable stocks of strategically located equipment that can be mobilised at short notice to meet unforeseen demands. Our teams work extensively with customers in the planning stage of their shutdown and outage programmes to maximise efficiency during the process and when devising safe and intelligent strategies to extend the useful life of ageing assets.

The working knowledge we gain of customers’ major industrial assets while providing services to support their operations, means we are able to enhance the decommissioning process.

The resulting peace of mind for customers is one of Altrad Services’ key propositions, and this is enhanced further by world-class safety performance and an international reputation for completing projects on time and within budget.

Our Customers

Altrad Services has worked with some of the most respected large-scale industrial plant engineering, procurement and construction companies, owners and operators.

Our customers trust Altrad Services to deliver safely, on-time, to cost and quality. Our ability to mobilise rapidly to meet customers’ needs helps to reduce downtime and saves costs. We aim to work with customers to understand their needs and to develop and deliver targeted solutions. Our broad geographical spread and wide service offering gives us the capability to support customers across a range of territories and provide a multi-disciplinary service offering, saving them both time and money.