£6,000 donated to Team Evie

£6,000 donated to Team Evie

Team Evie was chosen by both Altrad and i3 Decommissioning Partners as the annual charity for 2018/19. The fundraising period ran from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 where a host of events took place to raise money for this worthy cause. These events ranged from coast to coast cycle rides, three-Lakes walking challenges, Manchester 10k run, and several others. The total amount raised during the one-year period was a magnificent £6,070.00 and this has been handed over to Team Evie CEO, Greg Johnston.

Team Evie is a charity based in West Cumbria set up to help sick children and their families all in the name of their amazing daughter, Evie. They support families by providing essential items when they are rushed to hospital. Their donations to multiple wards and medical teams help to make children’s time in hospital more bearable where they also support the work of the fantastic community nurses who help look after poorly children at home. Their bereavement support service consists of online support, monthly support groups and much more.

From the moment a child becomes ill or is involved in an accident, Team Evie makes their time on the ward in hospital and then at home in the community much easier by providing support for both the children and their families. The money raised by Altrad and i3 Decommissioning Partners will help Team Evie continue to fund medical equipment and provide training which saves lives and helps everyone involved throughout the ordeal.

By supporting the wonderful work of the Nectar Ambulance Team, West Cumberland Hospital, Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle, The West and North Cumbria Community Nurses, The Great North Children’s Hospital and more they aim to make a difference to those who face similar challenges to those Evie and her family faced and hope to make Evie proud.

More information about Team Evie can be found at www.teamevie.org